Alcmene in wonderland

This is our version of such a favorite topic! The source of inspiration was the cherished story “Alice in Wonderland” with its bold colors, dynamic contrasts and a plethora of flowers. For color palette we chose shades of pink and crimson, which we combined with dark blue and some touches of silver.

For an invitation, something special was chosen that attributed our history. Guests received a small printed box, tied with a rich burgundy ribbon and their name printed on a distinctive label. When they were removing the bow, they came across the logo of the christening “Alcmene in wonderland” printed on the cover of the four-fold invitation. In the second stage, unfolding it, characters of the story emerged in an illustration of particular aesthetics and in the end, as a small surprise, they discovered pip studio’s unique tea infuser, with porcelain white hare and golden tea strainer. Inside the tea strainer were placed burgundy chocolate dragees and all in a blue backround with designs of oversized flowers and other elements. For lovers of unboxing it was definitely a pleasant experience opening a “gift” full of references and puzzles!

On the day of the baptism, as the guests reached the entrance of the temple, they saw the figure of the well-known hare with the clock as if it was flying through the greenery of the fence. Next to him a sign “Down the rabbit hole” led them to the courtyard of the church. There they found the direction sign as a Cheshire cat with rich and intense flowers at its base. As a welcome we placed the drinks table in dark blue color where we offered our guests cold tea with a variety of flavors, of the tea company TEA ROUTE . Besides… “it’s always tea time”!

The book is classic and that’s why we preferred classic base and touches. So we chose our table to be antique to complement the decorative sets of silver tea. But we insisted on strong contrasts and used linear and monochrome platforms in dark blue color as well as linear figures from characters of the book in pale pink, made especially for the baptism of Alcmene!

After the mystery ended, we offered a wide variety of sweets to the guests at a table full of colors and flavors that challenged them to taste like a “showcase” boutique pastry shop. The burgundy napkins, the shades of sweets and all the other details such as the clothing choices, proved once again the harmony is created through attention to detail.

A concept that challenges guests to be “Curiouser and curiouser”!

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