Modern Olive Wedding

At the time when a new and modern couple chose a classic theme for their wedding, we were invited to capture the modernized version of it, designing from scratch all the materials we need for decoration. Inspired by the baskets that collect the olives in the harvest, we designed and constructed from plywood the baskets that adorn the welcome table and the guests’ tables.

At the same time we respected the simplicity of the theme and used mild and earthy tones, a simple line on the wedding cake and created the bridal bouquet with the same simplicity that would be created by someone who would collect the branches directly from nature. Both the specially constructed frames that decorated the entrance, as well as the bride-designed invitations, added a very special and personal touch to this day.

Finally, for the towels of the guests, the color of the olive tree was chosen and in combination with the frays we left at the edges we again created the sense of simplicity that we wanted to achieve.

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