The name of our little protagonist was enough to trigger us for the creation of this theme. According to the Greek myth, Orpheus is the main representative of musical art. Everything was based on Greek mythology , and our imagination on how to bring all this to life was endless. A very special project, full of special constructions of high requirements. You can get a taste of our preparation in this video.

The invitation-favors were a wooden box construction with the characteristic lyre on the lid. Inside we placed the dragees tied in the form of a wreath, with fabric in olive green shade , as a reference to the olive wreath, symbol of the time.

For the welcome and beverage set up we made three cubes that we wrapped them with velvet fabrics in shades of gray, beige and dark green . On them we placed crystal water dispensers with water and handmade herbal tea, as they drank it in ancient Greece. As a background, we painted the melody of black orpheus in a canvas fabric that gave it the right age to look like an old oversized music sheet with the main element “Music is what feelings sound like”.

The color palette and fabrics were chosen with absolute respect to the historic temple where the christening took place as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Church of St. Nicholas of Orphanos. It is a truly unique temple and our goal was the result to be in perfect harmony with the environment, without tensions and dissonances.

After the ceremony, we offered the guests sweets of Emmanuel Beze, at a table that we decorated with cypress velvet, wooden and crystal flats, olive branches and a large lyre engraved with the name of Orpheus.

The climax of the ensemble came with the musical accompaniment of Lina Palera who gave us unique emotions playing orpheus’s lyre.

Design | Styling : FONDO special occasions

Photography : Pixel eye photography
Videography : Vicky Ediaroglou
Desserts : Emmanouil Mpezes
Orpheus lyre : Lina Palera

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